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My name is Jenny Yoo, and I'm a graphic designer whose passions lie in packaging and branding! I have served as a design intern in diverse work environments, from fashion start-ups to media networks and, through these, have learned the immense value of adaptability and energy, from concept to execution. My work is conceptually-driven and detail-obsessed, and I pursue projects that challenge me in new ways, require research, and diversify my thinking! 

Aside from design, I like to eat spicy food, play Candy Crush (lvl 2036), listen to rap music, and travel abroad. In my life so far, I've been the co-director of a hip hop crew, a pre-professionally trained dancer from the age of 6, a pianist from the age of 5, and a cat owner from the age of 10. I've lived in Seoul, Cleveland, Portland, Davis, and now, New York City!

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